Family Medicine & Urgent Care Clinic Sacramento - Dr. Paramjit Takhar, MD
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Cash Patients – $100 for the first visit and only $75 for follow up visits.

Decades of Experience

Dr. Paramjit Takhar has about 30 years of experience in family medicine. He retired from Kaiser Permanente before starting his independent practice in Sacramento.

Major Health Plans

We are accepting new patients with Molina, HealthNet and Anthem Healthcare Insurance. Straight Medi-Cal, Medicare and cash patients are welcome as well.

Onsite Labs & Testing

Basic blood tests, urine analysis, pregnancy tests, EKG, TB Testing, Ear Irrigation and In-grown Toe Nail removal services available onsite at a affordable price.

We provide compassionate care for the whole family including newborns, kids, teenagers, parents and grand parents. LGBT families welcome as well.

DoT Medical Exams

Effective May 21, 2014, Medical exams for interstate commercial vehicle (CMV) drivers can only be completed by Certified Medical Examiners listed on FMCSA’s National Registry.

Immigration Exams

We are certified by USCIS to conduct medical exams for immigration and also provide required vaccinations. At this time, we do not assist patients with Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions.

Vaccines for Infants & Toddlers

Breast milk immunity wears off within a year. After that, immunization can protect babies and small children from disease. Schools and day care centers are required to check immunization records.

Accepting new patients with Molina, HealthNet, Anthem, Medi-Cal and Medicare plans.

Dr. Paramjit S Takhar, MD

Certified by American Board of Family Medicine

Goodie Takhar, PhD

Practice Manager

Joy Dosanjh, RN

Registered Nurse.

Hayat Niazi, PA

Licensed Physician Assistant.